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Top notch destinations in Romania

I simply can warmly recommend you Romania as a wonderful destination. Please take a profit of my knowledge, as I am a born Romanian, love this country very much, and I have learned it by heart as I am a travel guide since many years.

Casa Bazna in Transilvania/Romania, a special, idyllic and silent place

Really not easy to concentrate on the best destinations in Romania, but I will try. As a warming, en passant, could say something about two very interesting hotels in Romania, having a few things in common: friendly staff and good service, normal prices and tremendous neighborhoods. Really top notch destinations, I would say and sustain convincely.

One of it lies in Predeal, 130 km away from Bucharest, and I mean hotel Piemonte. You have the Carpathians all around and can discover them by foot, there are a few peaceful paths  with different degrees of difficulty. The city of Brasov, the touristic Capital of Romania lies only 20 km away, in the wellknown Transilvania. Also very close: Castle of Bran, with the ghost of Dracula.
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The top hotel Piemonte from Predeal

If you need more silence, I can recommend you Casa Bazna. It simply lies to the countryside, and being there you must behave yourself and say hello to all the locals you can meet. But please don't be nervous and frightened about that, they are simply lovely and friendly. You can also go to the rustical pub of the village to taste the local beer and observe the local people. Simply wonderful, I am sure you will enjoy it, if you decide to stay longer there are a few houses to your disposal! You can further discover the medieval cities of Medias and Sighisoara, which are very close indeed. If you love bigger cities, then Cluj Napoca and Targu Mures are easy to reach, within 2 hours driving.
Image result for palatul culturii iasi
The wonderful city of Iassy and its outstanding Palace of Culture by night

If you are a culture freak, the cities of Iassy or Craiova are a must, but they lie in other regions than the two over mentionated hotel, and thus you must find accomodation there. Will recommend the appropriate one in each of these cities within short time, still reckon which might be the best recommendation.

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